Factors to Consider Before Buying the Whizzinator for Both Male and Female

Distinguishing Attributes of the Whizzinator Touch


The Whizzinator Touch is a device like no other. With the Whizzinator having evolved, it is a device quite similar to the male urinary organ. With time, there has come the production of both male and female Whizzinator that works perfectly well. One attribute that makes the Whizzinator stand out as a modern day marvel is its ability to resemble the male or female urinary organ and at the same time deploy fake synthetic urine with high precision.

For this reason, the Whizzinator Touch has become a darling to many athletes that want to beat a doping test even after being intoxicated the night before, use highly discouraged by the manufacturer. Also, the Whizzinator has had an enormous impact on the gimmick industry, making it the perfect prank machinery. In principle, the Whizzinator comes in an assortment of colors with a price range of between $120 and $140. If you have a white, brown, black, tan, or Latino skin pigment, there is always a Whizzinator for you.

The ordinary Synthetic Urinek it comes fully packed with heater boxes, synthetic urine, the Whizzinator, and a syringe. The heater boxes help maintain the fake urine under body temperature, meaning that you can deliver the synthetic urine without ever getting suspected by the authorities or people you only want to prank. With the arrival of the Whizzinator Touch has come a new age of gimmicks. Unlike in previous models, the modern day Whizzinator gets only operated by touch. For you to get the urine flowing, all you have to do is squeeze the head of the artificial male urinary organ.

Unlike its predecessors, the Whizzinator Touch looks so lifelike to the extent that it becomes incredibly hard to distinguish between the natural male urinary organ and the synthetic one. The Whizzinator Touch is pretty simple to use. The manual that comes with the kit instructs you to first close the safety switch on the base of the device to allow you to inject synthetic urine into the vinyl pouch through the attached tube. Secondly, you have to attach heat packs to the plastic bag, giving the synthetic urine close to an hour to heat up and reach normal body temperature. Thirdly and most important of all, strap the Whizzinator onto your body, open the safety switch, and touch the prosthetic male urinary organ for a urine release. With the Whizzinator, you have room to take bedroom games to a whole new level.